Why leather?

It's fashion! Leather is one of fashion's hottest trends, as well as one of the most sensual fabrics you can wear. Women and men alike enjoy its comfort and durability in every one of its beautiful finishes, textures and colors. To help you fully appreciate a genuine leather garment, this page offers advice on how to select the leather garment best suited to your lifestyle.
It's practical! From the warmth of the Sunbelt to the chill of the Rockies, leather can be worn all year round. Although more recognized as a cold weather material, leather offers style and ease in the warmer months as well.
  • Leather has the ability to breathe and will keep you cool and comfortable.
  • The structure of its fibers make it wind-resistant and durable.
  • Leather does not easily wrinkle so it is a great choice for travel or extended wear.
  • It's ideal for layering - a lightweight leather coat makes a perfect topper.